Good morning everything! welcome to my blog. 

Because I got so many requests (one) for my recipe of paksiw, here it is. It happens every thanksgiving Friday. 


lechon baboy left over, chopped into cubes

left over lamas from the lechon

1 leek (1 leaf)

1 cup soy sauce

1 cup vinegar (if maarte, Banyuls vinegar + sherry vinegar mix. If di masyado maarte, datu puti)

1/2 cup honey 

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 cups water *or enough to simmer your lechon meat

1 onion, diced

5-7 big cloves of garlic

2 bay leaves

kosher salt

black peppercorn (if ma-arte, from Madagascar, if di masyado ma-arte: McKormick)

juniper berries hehe if maarte.

olive oil

vegetable oil

julienned scallions. . 


Start! lightly season the left over lechon with a little salt and pepper. Then, using a cast iron dutch oven (if you have one), brown the pieces of lechon in a small amount of vegetable oil. Remove and set aside, reserve the fat in the dutch oven. 

Add some olive oil about 5 tbsp, or just enough. Add your diced onions, sauté until fragrant about 5 minutes. Then add the leeks, saute until translucent about 3 minutes. Add the garlic, whole! 

Turn the heat low, and add brown sugar until it caramelizes. 

Add the lechon back in, together with all the juices that are left on the plate. 

After that,

Add the vinegar and soy sauce and deglaze the bits of meat on the bottom of your dutch oven (the fond), make sure you get all of it, this will add so much flavor to your paksiw. Turn the heat back up until the soy-vinegar mixture reduces by alf., about 5-7 minutes. Alf? Half diay oi. 

Then add enough water to cover the lechon. Add the leftover lamas, the bay leaves, black peppercorn and juniper berries, optional. Lower the heat to simmer for 1 hour or until meat is tender…then add the honey to your liking. Find the balance between sour, salty and sweet!  humju. 

Serve on a bowl of rice, and top with julienned scallions. or not. 

Thank you. !!!

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